Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stomper Smarts

Stomper Smarts

Is Don Crowther and SMARTS worth the money?

Search Engine Domination: When you start social marketing the right way, the search engines will suck up to you like nobody's business. Until you've actually seen how this work, it's just plain hard to believe. Shocking really. You'll start to see multiple rankings, yes 2, 3, even 8 or more placements... higher up in the first page for your most profitable keywords.

Which means you're going to be seeing double... triple... even quadruple the traffic from better search engine rankings alone.

Social Networking Builds DIRECT Traffic and Buzz: Viral marketing is more powerful now than ever, because more people are spending ore time talking to each other online than ever before.

When you discover how to post profiles and pages on social networking sites that people love to read... that build raving fans... and establish you as an expert and thought leader in your particular industry... your traffic and viral marketing buzz is going to shoot through the everlovin' roof!